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sanskrit & tamil

From: Shree (
Date: Fri Jan 02 1998 - 11:50:32 PST


you may want to look at the following site for some more info about
sanskrit & tamil. Dr. Kalyanakrishnan has some good on-line sanskrit
lessons there and they add to them evrey 2-4 weeks.

> From: 
>         "Dr. R.Kalyanakrishnan." <>
>                                                                                  12/26/97 9:28
>   Shree,

>      You talked about Grantham and Tamil.  I do not know if you already
>   know about this.  Sanskrit was invariably written on Palm-leaves by
>   South Indian writers using only this script. There are five grantha
>   characters that are used in tamil and the Adhawin font caters to this.
>      But the IIT madras system caters to the full grantha script. It
>   is one of the scripts that we support. At the URL
>  follow the link
>   on "Did you Know this" .  You will get an idea of what this script
>   is all about and the text of Maitreem Bhajata is shown in Grantha.
>   There is also an image of a palm-leaf manuscript in Grantha. This
>   image will download faster as it will come from a US site.
>     I have heard you and some of your friends talk about the very slow
>   server response from the machine here.  We have to make do with what
>   we have though I think the limit is also imposed by line speed as well
>   as frequent power problems.
>   Kalyana krishnan.