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Musings on Miscellaneous Matters

From: Vijay Srinivasan (
Date: Fri Jan 31 1997 - 05:23:12 PST

Dear Prapatti Group Members

I am greatly enjoying Sudharshan's notes on Paramapada Sopanam of Swami 
Desikan.  His description of cheedai eating has lots of literary merit. 
Sudharshan talking of Virakthi - it is also said that "Paramatmani Yo Rakthaha 
Virakthi Aparamathmani".  Attachment to the One Who has no attachment releives 
you from all other attachments.  Muttrainam Kaamangal Matru.. was interpreted 
by Srimad Andavan very much along these lines.  Devotion to Lord Vasudeva is 
the only solution for developing Virakthy. 

Sundar had asked about Prayashchitthams for staying abroad.  When I went to 
India to perform the upanayanam for my son, my Acharya suggested that I take a 
bath in the Sethu as a prayaschittha for having been outside of the 
Punya-Bhoomi Bharat. Darbha-sayana is the place for that.  Nigamaantha Maha 
Desika in his Daya Satakam while describing each Avathara of the Lord as a 
Daya-Kaaryam, points to sethu as the highlight of "Karuna Kakusthan's" deed.  
"Prakrushtha Bahu Pathaka Prashama Hethuna Sethuna..".  The bath in sethu is 
considered as so sacred that even in Maha Samkalpams during Upakarmams and 
other major fucnctions, You say - From the time of holy bath in the sethu to 
the present time, whatever sins I have committed ... 

Parasthanam is usually done when you are forced to proceed on travel (due to 
flight scheduling or similar circumstances)  on  not so an auspicious day.  In 
that case, you technically start your travel on one of the previous auspicious 
days prior to travel.  You are required to keep a few things in one of your 
friend's house.  For eg.  Some of your personal belongings, a mirror and a 
handful of rice is suggested.  On the day of travel you pick up those things 
from your friend's house on the way to the airport.  If it rains, during the 
intervening period  the parasthanam is no more valid.  You may have to 
reschedule your travel. 

Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan