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From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Thu Jan 30 1997 - 21:52:15 PST

A slight correction to the first paragraph of my posting regarding Mrs.
Krishnamachari's questions on Sri Ramayanam.  I was distracted by several
phone calls and inadvertently combined two thoughts.  

What I meant to say: Some Oriental views of Sri Ramayana suggest that it is
a synopsis of a number of incidents in the lives of a number of Sri Ramas
(indeed, in Thailand the names Rama and Sita are utilized as generic titles
of the reigning king and queen, to show that the story is an ongoing one).
However, this does not seem to be the prevalent view in traditional
Vedic/Hindu thought, and is certainly not the view of the SriVaishnava
Sampradayam.  Instead, it seems that the later poets wanted to render the
story in such a manner as to make it clear that Sri Rama is an Avathara of
the Lord, and His earthly activities were as much a result and proof of His
Saulabhyam as they were intended to set an example of Dharmic behavior.

Daasanu Daasan,