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[Fwd: rituals in iyengar and iyer marriages]

From: twin city anesthesia (
Date: Mon Jan 27 1997 - 19:59:52 PST

NAMASKARAM EVERYONE ,I tried to send this yesterday but it did not go 
through. so i am trying again. thanks, kanaka

attached mail follows:

Dear bhakthi members,

I had been to india to attend two marriages , one was my husband's niece 
and the other was of my nephew.The elders of my family made me do a lot 
of things , the day before and also on the day of marriage like [ pudi 
sutthal , pal thoduthal etc I did . MY HUSBAND HAD TO CARRY HIS NIECE IN 
the meanings of the kalyana manthram which i have saved . could you 
please write about the whole marriage ceremony and every step of it with 
their meanings. It would be very useful if we want to perform the 
marriages here in the temples or even at home. why should one throw the 
color rice urundai first on the right side , what are the meanings of 
going round the couple with  vilakku in a pathram, pouring water 
alternatively and when should these rituals be done in the order, etc etc
I am sure many of the members would have some meaning to all of this . 
Icould not get any explanations from my parents . They said  
'JUST DO IT ' Could somebody shed some light on it ? 
thanks, kanaka vasudevan