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From: N Krishnamachari (
Date: Mon Jan 27 1997 - 11:07:17 PST

Dear Fellow Bhakti Group Members:

I have been a new member for a couple of weeks, and by oversight did not
send a self-introduction earlier.  So I am sending this short introduction.

My name is Krishnamachari.  I have lived in Chicago, and later in it suburb 
Naperville, for the
past 25 years.  I am originally from Kumbakonam in Tanjore Dt.  My close
friend Sr M. Srinivasan was kind enough to introduce me to the Bhakti Group.
I believe in Lord Krishna's words:  "Sarva DharmAn Parityajya MAm Ekam SaraNam
Vraja".  I have been very fortunate in being able to take part in some small way
in the goshti pArAyaNAs in the Sri Balaji Temple in Aurora, Illinois.  
activities which I have undertaken, and which I have not completed,
are: a) to understand and share with others the inner meaning, including the 
Sankrit derviations etc., of the DwAdasa NamAs, and subsequently all the
SahasraNamas, of the Lord, and b) to understand the LakshaNas of the sacred 
forms of SAlagramas, including how to distinguish between the workshioppable
vs. other forms which are not supposed to be kept at home for ArAdhanA
purposes, and how to be blessed with an authenticated Salagrama if one does
not obtain one hrough one's own ancestry, etc.  

I am familiar with the works of
Sri ParAsara Bhattar (the Sri Bhagavad GuNa DarpaNam, with its translation in
English by the Sri VaishNava PrachAriNi SabhA, Sri Adi SankarA's vyAkkyana on
Sri VishNu SahasranAma, etc.), and am continuing with my effort on a) above.

Sri M. Srinivasan has kindly led me to texts, thesis etc. on Salagrama, through
his library search and other efforts, and I plan to continue my efforts on b).

Through our brief involvement in the Bhakti Group,
I and my wife have already been fortunate in
re-establishing contacts with two of our earlier friends, Sri
Krishna Kalale and Smt. Vausdha Narayanan.  I am seeking the Lord's guidance in
learning through the Bhakti group mailings and through the SatSanga that this
has provided to me.  

om namo nArAyaNAya.