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Vaarttai 183 of Vaarttaamaa

From: M Srinivasan (
Date: Mon Jan 27 1997 - 06:28:48 PST

Vaarttai 183 of Vaarttaamaalai

Sri Bhagavad Ramanujar (Udaiyavar) was talking to the congregation (goshti)
about the episode of the Granting of Refuge (abhayapradaanam). PiLLai
URangaavilli Daasar who was in the congregation got up to leave. (When asked
why he was leaving), PiLLai URangaavilli Daasar explained: "Sri
VibheeshaNapperumaaL gave up all self-love (svaabhimaanam) and took to
PerumaaL's feet (tiruvadigaL) as his sole refuge with the words, `sarva loka
saraNyaaya Raaghavaaya....' (Please let Mahaatma Raghava, the Refuge of all
the worlds, know of VibheeshaNa's coming). Yet Sri Rama's lieutenants
(PerumaaL parikaram: Sugreeva etc. of the monkey army) grabbed rocks and
sticks to attack him. I am fearful how I would fare (if this could happen to
such a one as VibheeshaNa)".

Udaiyavar told him (aruLich cheythathu), "When gardeners irrigate their areca
palm trees, the plantain trees nearby also drink that water and thrive. In a
similar fashion, PerumaaL will show His grace (kataaksham) to me on account of
my connection (sambandham) to Periya Nambi and to you on account of your
connection to me. Therefore the flood of PerumaaL's grace will rush up towards
us and save us."