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temple thefts

From: krish (
Date: Mon Jan 27 1997 - 06:28:02 PST

I also was shocked at the temple thefts and dismayed at the
selection of Vaishnava temples. One would have thought that
fear of the LORD would have stopped them.
But a permanent solution is simple indeed. Our LORD does not
demand all the ostentacious ornaments. The money tied up can
be put to better use by investing it as CD's etc and using
the interest earned for kainkaryas. The Tirupathi devasthanam
has set up universities, hospitals etc. with the enormous
revenues. May be the jewellery can be auctioned off to bhaktas.
Thus one need not depend on the inept police to solve and recover
the jewellery.
And in many cases the beauty of the sculptures and castings
will be revealed.
Krishna Praba