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Shri Kalale

From: Vijay Srinivasan (
Date: Fri Jan 24 1997 - 12:10:00 PST

Dear Prapatti Group Members:

Shri Kalale's inspired article on his recent visit to India and his 
Sambhashanam with  Shrimad Azhagiyasingar and the follow-up comments of Smt. 
Nagu Satyan and Shri Sudharshan, I must say reflects some of the thoughts many 
of us have been going through.  

After long reflection I have come to this conclusion that "Yiruppidam is 
Vaikuntam (Venkatam)".  The choice is the Lord's and inscrutable are His ways.  
Our attitude should be of one to  lead a full life, in happiness and 
prosperity, ever thinking of Him and drawing comfort from the fact that Lord 
Vasudeva is ever guiding us and preparing us for His Kaimkarya (whatever may be 
that role small or big).  

Mr. Sudharshan wrote:........ as reported by Sri.Kalale, is indeed a reflection 
of most, if
not all, of our predicament in life.(It certainly does mirror mine, I am 
sure!). It is a sort of feeling which often strikes one and I think it is what 
is called "nirvEdam" .... an emotion through which we tend to regret
the days that we fritter away in life without seeming to get any closer to the 
Lord ...and thus begin to feel a sense of "sinking".... helplessly...and being 
powerless about it ... and drifting..."

When Anjaneya could not find Seetha he becomes very dejected and gets back his 
joy after he sights the Asoka-Vanam.  Then he remembers that: "AnirVedha Shriyo 
Moolam, AnirVedha Param Thapaha".  Anirvedham (Cheer and enthusiasm), opposite 
of Nirvedham,  is very important (it is a great tapas) for a prapanna.  A 
prapanna must be cheerful as there is nothing to worry regarding his/her final 
destiny.  Nyastha Tvad Padha Padme Varadha Nija Bharam, Nirbharo Nirbhayosmi - 
After placing the burden on Him where is the scope for fear or anxiety.  

I must also add that I greatly enjoyed reading Sadagopan's article on Ucchishta 
Kalai and Murali's article on Garuda Vaibhavam.  

Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan