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Re: Some solutions for Sri.Srikanth's query

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Jan 24 1997 - 09:11:11 PST

Dear Sri Srikanth,

I really donot want to get into another tenkalai vadakali dialogue in this
forum. We have different sources to validate our points. My point of views are
derived from listening to our acharyaaLS and  quotes from srimad Rahasya trya
saaram. You have quoted from Sri Ramayanam. Nammaazwaar is adjudged as the one
whose paasurams cannot be matched by anyother literatures including
Sriramayanam and all combined. This is not told by me but by Swami Desikan in
"kaasiniyan maniyanathithum" in "amirtha ranchani". Nammazwaar himself has
delivered saying that "Anallan pennallan" and "avaravar". Aftr reading
nammaazwaar, i donot need to validate anything from other literatures which are
next only to thiruvaaymozhi. By the way RTS has its basis *mostly* from
thiruvaaymozhi and azhwaar's arulichacheyal only. Hence It is futile to argue
that since one is right as quoted from Sriramyanam and the other is then worng.
When you have argued that it is "non linear" i simply said that it need not be
that complicated. Other than that i donot want to argue if you must always see
it as non linear. It still is not and never be nonlinear to me from where I
come. There are ample sources to charectrise the jivan/param relationship.
According to many srivaishnavas, the more logics one can bring in,  the style
of arguments reflect the more of advaithin school of arguments. But i think
even logic must be permitted if one has gto extend the theory of
poorvaacharaayar to convey certian message. This is what i was told as "allowed
to do in my research". In addition i am also said that one must approach this
as a pure service to lord and not for anyother purpose. I am of opinion that I
shouldnot indulge in attempting to validate these literatures that are
deleivered by Lord's amsams (eg Swami Desikan). I very much like to learn from
many tenkalai scholars in this group and also by reading aruLicheyal rahasyam
of Sri ManavaaLa maamunigaL. (By the way I am currently re-reading it).
Perhapas you also may want to read Srimad Rahasy trya saaram sometime in
addition to the vast literature you are already reading. I would like to
concede here that i donot want to draw a conclusion whether you are right and i
am wrong. What is started as a "math fun" is heading to this way as i
understand from the post lately. It is not required of me to prove that i am
right even when i am challenged. That gives in to ego. Let us both sumbit to
the Lord that we served the Lord by writing with two different views and not
really worry as to whether one is right or wrong. The facts stated by me are
accepted almost by all my friends who are learned scholars and have read RTS.
Iam sure the points quoted by you are accepted by as many others as well. It is
my humble opinion that it is unworthy to dialogue anything that will end up in
unfortunate misunderstanding between the two kalais. If i can contribute to
their unity i will dialogue and if my writings drags us into another conflict i
will take the lead to say that i quit. We can probably dialogue through private
mail if you are intersted so that we need not be the reason for yet another
conflict. At this juncture, I submit that the view point of both sides (ie t
and v kalais) are correct in their perspective as i had always contended. Swami
deiskan's "nyaasa thilakam" and "charama slOka surrukku" clearly states the
same and descirbes as to why one must follow either of the path. Agian I am
saying this as a source for all my thenkalai friends to look into for common
understanding.  Please accept my apologies if i have hurt your or anyother
feelings in this net. For sometime i am going to remain a spectator by asking
someone to forward the mails to my home address and learn from the good
postings of yours and others as well. Please put this brief exchange behind,
and come forward to write more from what you have read and I will look forward
to learning from the same.

Sri Sri Ranganaayikaa samEthara Sri ranganaatha swami paadhukE charaNam
Sampath Rengarajan