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Re: Garuda Vaibhavam..

From: Shrikanth, J (
Date: Thu Jan 23 1997 - 12:59:15 PST

Dear Bhagavatas,,

I want to thank Mr Rangaswamy for his postings about Garuda Vaibhavam. 

On a personal note, they bring back many memories of my grandfather who
used to narrate these and other stories when I was young. 

As an appendix to the posting, let me add a short ending which I remember
being told. This seems to be just a light hearted story. I think my
grandfather may have made this part up to amuse us kids. 

This tells why snakes have forked tongues..

 When Garuda brought the amrutham to the nagas, the wanted to drink it at
once. But Garuda said the proper way to drink this sacred amrutham is to
have a bath and other purifiying rituals and only then drink it. So he
spread some darbha grass by the river bank and placed the pot of amrutham
on it. The snakes went to have their bath. Garuda, according to his
promise, took the pot of amrutham and felw back to the devas. When the
snakes came back they were sorely dissapointed and angry. Also they
thought "maybe some amrutham has spilt onto the darbha grass." So they
licked the grass thoroughly. However, they got nothing. But the sharp
edges of the grass cut their tongues. So they and all their descendents 
have forked tongues! 

Thanks once again.