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Re: Burglary at temple

From: Cadambi Sriram (
Date: Thu Jan 23 1997 - 07:24:57 PST

I read some further disheartening news in "The Hindu" a couple of days back. It seems that this is not the first of such incidences. In 1991, there was a theft at Srirangam temple, followed by thefts at Mannargudi Rajagopalswamy, Madurantakam Ramar and  K
umbokanam Sarangapani temple.

The fingerprints lifted from these four temples were the same. It looks like the same gang is at work. What is puzzling is that all the temples that were targeted were Vaishnavite temples.

I don't have much faith in the TN police in solving this crime. I mean it's been five years since the Srirangam episode and nothing has been done. Our wonderful "secular" Indian government likes to control all our temples (while not touching the mosques a
nd churches), but does not provide adequate security.

I was very disturbed when I read that other temples (that too ones that are so sacred to us) were also burglarized.
I know that in "Karma" theory, the consequences of your actions need not manifest themselves right away. But, sometimes it really "burns" you up to know that that people are getting away with these kinds of atrocities, and worse, committing them again.