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Sri Kalale's Posting

From: Satyan, Nagu (MSMAIL) (
Date: Tue Jan 21 1997 - 14:10:32 PST

From: Satyan, Nagu on Tue, Jan 21, 1997 3:09 PM
Subject: Sri Kalale's Posting
To: bhakti digest

What I am about to write may appear corny  to a few.  As I quckly read 
the article about Sri Kalale's conversation with Sri H.H. Azhagia 
Singar and some of Sri Kalale's own observations and analysis, I was 
emotionally impacted and in tears.  I am not sure why but it sure 
touched a raw spot.  I had to close my office door to control myself.  
 During my lunch break I made it a point today to really take the 
break and reread the posting a few times.  I think this article was a 
culmination of many issues I am also wrestling with my personal, 
professional and social responsibilities.  For me personal includes 
besides family,  religious, spiritual and philosophical aspects. Sri  
Krishna Kalale in my opinion hit the nail on the head when he 
acknowledges one of the primary reasons for our residence in USA away 
from our heritage.  This fact further compounds the existing feeling 
of a lost and confused being because of the constant internal 
conflicts trying to follow the traditions and yet accept the reality.  
May be the other women in this group can expound on this 
aspect--brought up in a reasonably traditional family, many of us 
women have had to assume roles that are not within the realm of our 
traditional society.  Granted it is a question of choice we made 
ourselves.  Ultimately individuals have to make some adjustments and 
reconcile with their destiny and perform their duties.  

Which brings me to the advise Sri Azhagiya Singar made about how we 
domiciles can support in diverse ways to preserve and maintain our 
religious and heritage base.  After reading Sri Azhagiya Singar's 
advise to us through Sri Kalale not to worry about where we reside and 
to focus on how we can  support the various causes, I feel much better 
that may be as an individual I can potentially make a small difference 
to our community with Sriman Narayana's blessings.  It is a strange 
feeling--I actually felt that I was part of the conversation in the 
background.  I hope that during my next visit I have the opportunity 
to visit with him and other SV Jeeyars. 

Back to reality check.  One of the process I have been long 
contemplating on is how to implement a disciplined, dedicated and 
convenient way of making contributions to causes close to my heart  
(examples NAMA, Ahobila Mutt, Parakala Mutt, temples renovation, 
scholarships for SV students in Madhuranthakam and SRirangan colleges, 
etc).  Some of you may be aware of pay roll deductions for United Way 
and there are mechanisms to identify specific agency the individual 
wants to donate the contributions.  I know Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) 
in Colorado has worked out an agreement and established an ID number 
with United Way Colorado to facilitate automatic deductions.  What I 
would like to suggest is that a few of us involved in voluntary work 
to support SV causes in India and USA, join forces and come up with a 
solution.  I apologize for the presumption that we have not tried it 
in case there are people who have or working on it.  

As some of you are aware, I am involved  in NAMA which is an infant 
organization to introduce at the very rudimentary level what Sri 
Vaishnavism is with the hope that through diverse media of exposure 
(social, cultural, religious aspects) we can bring in the teen age 
children and adults who have gone out of the SV influence circle.  The 
discussions in the Bhakthi Group  is for individuals who have minimal 
to high exposure and more often I get lost because of my very limited 
knowledge.  To make the story short, I am anxious to fund NAMA 
activities along with other causes with the hope of enhancing the 
curiosity of the young (and the matured) to pursue further learning.

I am personally contributing a decent amount to United Way and I would 
like to have an option to allocate portions of my contributions to 
agency (ies) of choice.  I realize that Sri Ahobila Mutt Organization 
in USA is providing this type of service.  What I am proposing is 
expand on the concept so we take advantage of the SV population in USA 
and streamline the fund raising process.  For every cause that is made 
visible to this group, there are probably ten other equally important 
causes that tend to fall out.

If any of you are interested in teaming up with me in this endevour, 
please contact me at

Nagalakshmi (Nagu) Satyan