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Some solutions for Sri. Srikanth's questions

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Jan 21 1997 - 07:22:09 PST

Sri Srikanth wrote:

>>Dear Sri Sampath Rengarajan and other Bhagavathas,

>>I just wished to make a small point. Please excuse me if i have missed some
>>detail in raising it.

>Sri Sampath wrote:-

>>> If Lord Sriman narayana has
>>desired that the varnasara darmam has to be dumped or changed his messengers
>>would have done so.

>>Can the fact of many beings not having attained the Lotus Feet of the Lord
>>be taken as evidence that the Lord has not desired it?

Dear Sri Srikanth, I appreciate your thoughtful analysis. It is my ignorance
again that I didnot expect someone to pull this out and explain theory of non
linearity as applied to this. That was a very smart thought of yours to apply
theory of non linearity to this. Let me submit my small inference here. The
fact is such that many of the souls *here*, have taken birth to serve sriman
narayana in this boolOgam. This is the surrednered souls one time desire and
Lord's desire as well that certain people are born again after several
centuries to serve the Lord. Untill it is totally realised by such souls
everything may look little complicated to those souls themselves and to most
other baddha jivaatmaas as well.

>>Surely not!! The fact
>>that some situation is not otherwise than it is is not necessarily evidence
>>that the Supreme, in His infinite patience, did not desire it otherwise.

If this is implied to dumping varnasara darmam, all i had to say is that my
achaaryaaLs can never be wrong. I have been advised by srivatsangachaar that
even if i do research it should only serve to further the lines of
poorvaavcharaayaaLS school of thought and not derive my own nonlinear and
hypothetical conclusions that contradict poorvaacharyaaLs school of thoughts.
Meaning that the Lord sent poorvacharaaYaLs (including his amsams (is Lord
HIMself) azwaars and Sri Ramanujar, Swami desikan and many other achaaryaaLS)
to keep us track this path and not get diverted due to modern approaches and
soultion procedures.

>> I am  not saying that human ignorance is so great that even He can't remove

I agree that i am very ignorant as compared to many other baagwathaaLS who are
reading poorvaachaaryaaLS work throughly.

>> No,  only that the nature of the relationship of the jeevas to the Brahman
is >> mysterious, and the logic that determines many events of the jeeva's life
is >> of "non-linear" type!!

The realtionship is mysterious to many who are not aware of poorvaachaaryaaLS
works (that narrate this relationship) and including those who are otherwise
speculating and thinking that they can attempt to *define* this relationship
with the material (math) knowledge they have gained. If the knowledge is a
(muth knowledge  (meaning that the knowledge is gained from achaaryaaLS muth
schools) it may help.  For a surrendered soul it (this realtionship) is not
that complicated.

Sri Srikanth if you will take it in good sportive math type chit chat let me
pass on my math soultion to you and please forgive me for not providing a
detailed solution procedure and the exact algorithm.

As an aside I want to make *one more* "solution" for your "non-linear" problem.
If it is not *very* nonlinear then please try piecewise linear approach by
making it into "several pieces" of "linear type". For an adequately accurate
solution, you may also want to note this.  At each time you start a new "linear
type" piece in continum it may be erraneous to continue to march on the
solution seeking as it is. This is due to the problem of *discontinuity* that
contributes this *nonlinearity* in the "original" system. So you cannot start
it with the end conditions of the previous strip as you need to find a new set
of initial conditions to restart this process with a help of a root finder type
algorithm. This is proved by many mathematicians as a valid approach.

Please forgive me for my ignorance and also if i have hurt your or anyother
baagwathaaLS sentiments in this.

>> Srikanth

Sri Ranganaayikaa samethra sri Ranganatha swami paadhukE charaNam
Sampath Rengarajan