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Re: Magazine of Asramam

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Jan 20 1997 - 13:16:28 PST

Dear Members of the Bhakthi group :

I know that some of you are the disciples of 
Andavan Asramam of Srirangam . I am attaching 
a note from Sriamn Srinivasan , who manages 
a home page for Andavan Asramam from Madras . 

The information contained in this note 
might be of interest to some of you .

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On Mon, 6 Jan 1997, Narayan Murthy for Dr V Sadagopan wrote:

> Dear Sri Srinivasan : Would you be kind enought to let me know how 
> much is the subscribtion fes to rceceive Sri Ranganatha PadhukA sevA ,
> the magazine of the Asramam ?
> Please send me e-mail to my compuserve address referred to below:
> Thanks very much ,
> Dr.V.Sadagopan
> Apt 6B-1 , Scarborough Manor 
> Scarborough , NY 10510 , USA

Dear Dr V Sadagopan, 


Thank you for your mail showing your interest in subscribing to

'Sri Ranganatha Paduka'.  Annual subscription by Airmail to U.S.A.

is Rs 325.  This is published on the first day of every 'Tamil'



This contains informations on the Ashramam Activities, monthly

'panchankam' and articles written by various Vidwans including

Srimadh Andavan.


Subscription to this magazine for life is also welcome and this

rate will be Rs 5000 for despatch by Air Mail.


You are also welcome to be in touch with the web site on

'Srirangam Srimadh Andavan Ashramam' which can be accessed through

any of the search engines like 'yahoo' etc., on the Internet.

I am planning to give monthly updates.  I welcome your comments

for improving the site.


The address to which the payment is to be made is



C/O Srirangam Srimadh Andavan Ashramam

No.21, Sir Desikachari Road,

Mylapore - CHENNAI 600 004 INDIA


Cheques to be made in the name of "SRI PADUKA CHARITIES"


You may please verify the exchange rates and send the cheque in



I request you to circulate this information to your friends in U.S.


When you reply to Paduka Charities, you may please refer our

e-mail correspondence on this.


I am at your service if you need any more information on 'Srimadh

Andavan Ashramam'.


With Best Regards,