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Padhuka Sahasram - a recent episode

From: P.B.Anand (
Date: Mon Jan 20 1997 - 01:56:00 PST

Swami Sadagopan has described the power of Swami Desikan's Ranganatha 
Paduka Sahasrakam (RPS). Many of the memnbers of the group may already 
know of a recent incident in Srirangam, but I am writing this to refresh 
the memory. 

In early 1993, a group of Srivaishnavaites were reciting RPS 
every day in the Sannidhi of Swami Desikan in the Srirangam temple and 
one morning they noticed that on the wall of that Sannidhi there appeared 
the footprints of Arangan of the same size and in the same posture as in 
the sanctum sanctorum. (I had visited the temple in March 1993 andwas 
shown this). The same thing has been repeated once again last 
year. Anyone visiting Swami Desikan's sannidhi in Srirangam temple can 
see these two sets of Arangan's footprints on the inside of the wall of 
the sannidhi.

My first reaction was to doubt and question if this were 
the handiwork of an individual. On closer examination, one can find that 
the footprints appeared as if they were already there on the wall for 
ages and only not seen till then as they were covered by the limewash 
(chunnambu).  It is not possible to get such effect by drawing. 

Since then I was eager to know more about RPS. Many thanks to 
Mr.Sadagopan for this and I look forward to reading his postings.