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disagreement vs. apachaaram

From: R. Skrintha (
Date: Sun Jan 19 1997 - 09:50:25 PST

Dear Sri Sampath Rengarajan and other Bhagavathas,

I just wished to make a small point. Please excuse me if i have missed some
detail in raising it.

Sri Sampath wrote:-

> If Lord Sriman narayana has
>desired that the varnasara darmam has to be dumped or changed his messengers
>would have done so. 

Can the fact of many beings not having attained the Lotus Feet of the Lord
be taken as evidence that the Lord has not desired it? Surely not!! The fact
that some situation is not otherwise than it is is not necessarily evidence that
the Supreme, in His infinite patience, did not desire it otherwise. I am not 
saying that human ignorance is so great that even He can't remove it. No, only 
that the nature of the relationship of the jeevas to the Brahman is mysterious,
and the logic that determines many events of the jeeva's life is of 
"non-linear" type!!