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guru parampara prabhaavam

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Fri Jan 17 1997 - 10:59:48 PST

A fellow correspondent has corrected me regarding the
author of the Guruparampara Prabhaavam, perhaps the 
oldest extant traditional biography of the aazhvaars
and acharyas we have.

I include here his comments:
> Pinpazhagiya PerumaaL Jiyar is the author of the Guruparampara Prabhavam
> (6000) and the compiler of Vaarththaamaalai. The internal evidence in both
> these books shows that his acharya was Sri. Nampillai. Puttur Swami also
> states so in his introduction to the lattter book.

I apologize for the error. NampiLLai was Periya Vaaccaan PiLLai's
acharya, as well as the acharya of the author of the eedu vyaakhyaanam
on thiruvaaymozhi.  The GPP was then written within 3-4 generations
of Ramanuja.