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vaidehi Raja's comment

From: I.K. Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Jan 17 1997 - 06:21:26 PST

Om NamO nAArAAyanAA

Dear venerable group members,
I hasten to respond to the remark made by vaidehi raja on the point of 
her grand father giving an earful because she dined in a 
" non brahmin's " house. 
A positive way of viewing this pattern would be to seek the reasoning 
for this and other actions. I may think because those non brahmin 
households were not acceptably " conducive" for folks like us to 
They were meat eaters basically, and most of them were unclean. I am 
sure this concern would have been the very basis for their abstinence 
from mingling with them. Again it is the " view point". I am sure most 
of you would agree with me. 
My maternal side of the family , even today will not go to Tirupati 
because way up somewhere in the generation a few of them who took 
pilgrimage to Thirumalai never returned. Believe me , they are as pious 
as anyone else who visits the thirumalai. And Sri perumal of Tirupati is 
the prime deity in the perumal room of the family.
Is the point rational or not ? To them it is because of the view point.
The validity and value of any decision must be looked at from the point 
of view of the time period in question. A sauce to a goose is not a 
sauce to a gander. What is just and right today may look otherwise down 
the road.
When I went to get " samasrayanam" the 44th jeer of ahobhila mutt, a 
great scholar, was the saint in charge.
I have seen the jeer raising the voice and the lady by me was so 
threatened and started to cry.
we cannot relate that to " customer service " concept of today.
Anything has two sides.