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Forms of Bhakthi..
Date: Thu Jan 16 1997 - 22:13:06 PST

I want to hear from the erudite members of the group and otehr 
bhagavathas the different forms of bhakthi in the form of Sravanam , 
keerthanam , vandanam archanam etc. It would be great to hear about the 
leading bhakthas in puranasfor each of them . I also want to listen about 
references to the different form of bhakthis addresed by the alwars in 
the 4000 and also by different acharyas in their works. If somebody could 
take each form of bhakthi and write about it once at a time  like 
Sri.V.Sadagopan had done  a long time back about the various Kalyana 
Gunas of the Lord.
In the Mean time , I am not able to make much about the discussion going 
on about Bhagavath apacharam, it is of my opinion that a bhagavathan 
doesnt take offense to anything as he the bhagavatha takes everything as 
gods wish. At this  moment iam narrate what i heard in Anna's 
Cassete, where once in srirangam the koil priest had offended Parasara 
bhattar and bhattar didnt take offense and felt thrilled that the priest 
had done him a great good by pointing out his mistakes to the lord and 
has provided him the chance to realise his weakness. I feel that though in 
the  purana's and lifes of alwars bhagavatha's born in different 
comunities , though at times were offended they didnt make much of it and 
even won them with their Bhavagavath guna anubhavam.

Hope i can get to listen about form of bhakthis from different members of 
the group.

Rangarajan sudarsan
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department
University of Arizona, Tucson. Arizona.
(Guru Dhyana slokham)

Lakshminatha Samarambham , Nathayamuna Mathyamam
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