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From: I.K. Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Jan 16 1997 - 20:27:28 PST

Dear venerable members,
I am fairly new to the whole program and I started at a time when heat 
was steaming from all of the computer terminals.
Let me indite my thoughts on some of the issues.
1. Most of our sentiments are driven by " view points ". The latest 
management philosophy is " seek first to understand before being 
understood ". Even when we witness in person an event , the rationale 
and logic of the other person's action cannot be authenticated  and that 
being the nature of human capability, it is very hard to determine the " 
reason" for some of the patterns of behaviour occured centuries ago.
2. On top of it , should it not be our effort to see the positives of 
everything so as to learn from them.
3. I would deem it worthwhile to point out the innumerable positive 
patterns related to our saints rather than otherwise. 
Disagreement on logical platform should be part of this learned group as 
otherwise the essence of the philosohy will not be filter proof.