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some thoughts..

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Thu Jan 16 1997 - 16:10:44 PST

First of all let me declare, I am not supporting any person. I am just seconding certain views:
Sri Dileepan Wrote *******************

Sri Mani's response included:

 "Practice your sandhyavandanam, be a vegetarian,
    do thiruvaaraadhanai; but don't let these be the
    excuse for committing bhagavata-apacharam."

>From this it can be argued that Sri M. Srinivasan's complaint applies more
to Sri Mani than to Sri Anbil Ramaswami, the unnamed accused.  Further, I
am unable to see any respectful philosophical or theological exchange of
ideas in the above quote.  All I see is a blanket innuendo that those who
are serious about anushtaanam take that as an excuse to commit bhagavatha
apacharam against non-brahmins.  It is not surprising that such a blanket
statement is itself seen as a bhagavatha apacharam. 
I don't think it is to be considered a  'blanket innuendo'.And I also don't 
think that it means as a statement : "those who are serious about anushtaanam take that as an excuse to commit bhagavatha apacharam against non-brahmins."
It doesn't generally blame those who do the anushtaanams. It is a comment directed to those few who do those anushtaanams and show disrespect to the fellow bhaagavathaas and quote their anushtaanams as the reason for it.

As sri vidyasankar says "  If we want to ignore Varnasrama dharma when convenient, it seems just a tad bit hypocritical to interpret it strictly at other times." 

The bottomline is, without going into the details of the varNaashrama dharma etc
we as human beings first and then a sri vaishNava should have great humility and we should never let our inherent ahankaaram control any of our actions. 
Even its mere presence is the greatest known hurdle towards reaching the Lord. 
Whether a person follows the V.dharma or not, whether he does anushtaanams or not, ..depends pretty much on the individual, his family, his nature of work..
Being humble and controlling our ahankaaric view points are the basic characteristics, i feel. Leave alone the disrespect to the fourth caste. One can see so many distasteful feuds between the subsects among the brahmaNas. The reason behind them is that one thinks he is superior over the other! Is this 
anything but our ahankaara manifesting our actions. Frankly, it is our great ignorance that we forget that we are all HIS slaves and that is why we engage in such quarrels..Let us all try to realise our positions in front of the Lord, who is our goal. Let us not fight for positions among ourselves. 

With great respects to fellow bhaagavathaas
(Vijay Triplicane)