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Date: Thu Jan 16 1997 - 11:11:24 PST

Sundar writes:
*** I propose we declare a moratorium on the phrase "bhagavata
*** apachara" . This has of late and all too often been used to void
*** any spirit of enquiry or free thought on several issues.

I second this motion. Frankly, if I think  about it, I am not sure I
really understand what the word "apacharam" really means or implies.

*** We truly value our members who have much to share with us from the
*** tradition. However, it is the duty of each generation to know the
*** tradition and apply it to their lives. If this is not done in a
*** pirit of honesty and sharing, religion is reduced to an endless
*** (and futile) rearguard action against any change. And, we must
*** admit, religion HAS changed. In fact, some of our acharyas that
*** traditionalists and others revere have been active agents of that
*** change. 

I second this as well. I only  hope that *all* points of view will be
taken with equal seriousness. I also hope that all of us strive to
avoid a "gotcha" mentality, where knowledge is used more as a weapon,
than as a tool for education.  Clearly, we are all from the academic
world where tests, quizzes, exams, etc. are a daily feature of our
lives.  There is a definitely a place for this in our lives, but
I feel in spiritual inquiry, especially of the Vedantic variety where we
seek constantly ways to control our ego,  such an outlook is actually counterproductive. We all benefit when everyone, regardless of their
respective levels of erudition, are comfortable and can post their
doubts and opinions.  In spiritual inquiry, there is just as much to
gained from what people *think*, as there is from what people know.