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Re: Disagreement vs. Apachara

From: V Sundar (
Date: Wed Jan 15 1997 - 23:21:34 PST

At 10:04 AM 01-16-97, M Srinivasan wrote:

>It pains me to see Sri. Mani being accused of bhaagavata apachaara. I do not
>know how many of us are fully familiar with all the  writings (and other

I fully agree with Sri Srinivasan's sentiments.

I propose we declare a moratorium on the phrase "bhagavata apachara" . This
has of late and all too often been used to void any spirit of enquiry or
free thought on several issues.

We truly value our members who have much to share with us from the
tradition. However, it is the duty of each generation to know the tradition
and apply it to their lives. If this is not done in a pirit of honesty and
sharing, religion is reduced to an endless (and futile) rearguard action
against any change. And, we must admit, religion HAS changed. In fact, some
of our acharyas that traditionalists and others revere have been active
agents of that change.

If we don't allow ourselves to think about it, then tradition becomes what
was past. This is not something we can allow to happen to SriVaishnavism.

So how about it ? No more mandatory objections of "bhagavata apacharam" ?

Best Wishes to all,