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Disagreement vs. Apachara

From: M Srinivasan (
Date: Thu Jan 16 1997 - 08:04:21 PST

It pains me to see Sri. Mani being accused of bhaagavata apachaara. I do not
know how many of us are fully familiar with all the  writings (and other
works) of all the great Acharyas so that nothing we have to say will not
contradict some part of the body of such great works. If respectful
disagreement is to be construed as bhaagavata apacahara, then there is not
much room for philosophical or theological discussions in this group. 

It is acknowledged by many scholars that right from the time of Sri Bhagavad
Ramanuja, there have been disagreements among subsequent acharyas on various
philosophical matters. Does this mean we should accuse those acharyas with
whom our acharyas may disagree of bhaagavata apachara? I do not think so. I
think it is possible to try to refute an argument with a counter argument
without accusing the proponent of apachara. I hope I am not just speaking for
myself only when I say that Sri. Mani's kainkarya in organizing, maintaining
and contributing to this group is held in very high regard.

Dasan Srinivasan.