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Introduction Of Sudarsan.
Date: Wed Jan 15 1997 - 17:55:42 PST

Namaskaram to the memebers of the prapati group,

I introduce myself as a Graduate student at present doing Phd in 
Mechanical Engineering at University of Arizona, Tucson.

 I was born and brought up In madras in a Srivaishnava family being
arderent followers of Ahobilam Mutt. I did my schooling in P.S.Senior
Secondary school in Madras and by college years in IIT madras. Bhakthi in
my earlier years was mainly reciting slokhas , going to temples and
listening to kathai ( when i was taken along by my Grandparents).  After
coming to US, by gods grace i was fortunate to listen to Sri.Krishna
Premi's Kalashepams. Ever since i have collected a lot of Anna's cassetes
(Srimad Bhagavatham , alwargal vaibhavam, Ramanujar Vaibhavam etc) and i
listen to them daily. I was a member of this group earlier before Sri.Mani
moved to a different company. Once the group came back i wasn't in touch
and couldnt join again. Listening to Anna's cassetes ( Shrvana Bhakthi) 
has  made me realised the greatness of our acahraya's and how guru 
kataksham is the only thing that make Our lord like us. 

I have realised how fortunate iam to have been born in a vaishnava family
and now realise the value of getting samashrayam and doing some service to
the lord.I hope to hear a lot of good discussion of Lords kalyana gunas
from Erudite scholars in the group like Sri.V.Sadagopan their by gain

I would request the other members of the group to pardon the me if at any
point of time i offend them by my writing,viewsw,or my ignorance. The
first time when i was in the group i was more of a passive observer but
this time around i plan to gain more from the group by being more

Rangarajan sudarsan
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department
University of Arizona, Tucson. Arizona.
(Guru Dhyana slokham)

Lakshminatha Samarambham , Nathayamuna Mathyamam
Asmathacharya Paryantham Vandhe Guru Paramparam.

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