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Re: Requests for Vaishnavaite recipes

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Jan 15 1997 - 11:45:16 PST

	P.B. Anand writes:
	>well. To kick -off the discussion, could Sri Mani or Sri Sadagopan 
	>elaborate on the mention of any specific dishes either in the 
	>divyaprabandham or in any of our main works.

I am only familiar with a small part of
the Prabandham, but even there, there are some
dishes mentioned.  Andal promises Azhagar at
thirumaaliruncholai that she will fill 100 pots  
full of akkaara-vadisil.  I know that akaara-vadisil 
is milk-based, but I have only eaten it a handful
of times (quite yummy!) so I don't know what's in

Also, Periyaazhvaar in yashoda-bhaava tells kaNNan

appamkalandha siRRuNdi akkaarampaalilkalandhu
soppadan^aan_suttuvaiththEn thinnaluRidhiyEln^ambee!

She has prepared appam, siRRuNdi, akkaaram with milk
and other things ready for him to eat.  Many of these
dishes are still made on Sri Jayanthi in orthodox

I leave it for the real chefs to actually give uss