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Requests for Vaishnavaite recipes

From: K. Srinivasan (
Date: Wed Jan 15 1997 - 06:42:20 PST

>From: "P.B.Anand" <>
>Dear Bhagavathas,
>Sorry for distracting the lofty discussion with a more earthly question. 
>I am curious to collect details of recipes and menus associated with 
>vaishnavite festivals.

A cook book in Kannada by "vEdhamma" contains many Iyengar
recipes. I wonder whether that book is still in print or if there are
translations. Some of our Kannada members could enlighten.

>I would be grateful if our 
>erudite members could occasionally throw some light on these aspects as 
>well. To kick -off the discussion, could Sri Mani or Sri Sadagopan 
>elaborate on the mention of any specific dishes either in the 
>divyaprabandham or in any of our main works.

I do not think there are recipes in 4000. However, I believe
there are indeed recipes for various foods and medicines
in some of the nayanmar's works like those of thirumoolar's
thirumandhiram. Krupaanandha vaariyaar's talks usually include
some of these recipes in such great detail that you can
cook based on those talks.

Perhaps the Kidaambi/Kadambi/KiLaambi lineage has maintained
some of the recipes of Kidaambi Acchaan, who used to cook
for Sri Ramanuja.

K.Srinivasan of Quebec.