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Re: Requests for Vaishnavaite recipes

From: V Sundar (
Date: Mon Jan 13 1997 - 21:14:49 PST

At 11:35 AM 01-14-97, P.B.Anand wrote:

>I am curious to collect details of recipes and menus associated with
>vaishnavite festivals.

At last! A wonderful topic. I'm reminded of the Dasa krithi "Rama naama
paayasage Krishna naama sakkare" =)

I'm able to produce reasonable facsimiles of the following, but I would be
grateful if experienced "thirumadappaLLi" hands can elaborate on :

1. veN pongal
2. poliyodirai
3. paanagam
4. dadhiodanam

(these IMO are the nonpareil ayyangaar dishes =) )

I'm also reminded of the simple Rama Navami dishes and the more elaborate
and complex Krishna Jayanthi celebratory sweets and savories.

I am specifically interested in what spices may be used and what spices may
not be used. I have noticed there is a very close correlation between
whether a spice or food is native to india or not (eg. vaazhai - plantain,
which may be used) and an imported vegetable like the potato which is not
used in orthodox cooking.

I'll look forward to the discussion =)