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Requests for Vaishnavaite recipes

From: P.B.Anand (
Date: Tue Jan 14 1997 - 03:34:36 PST

Dear Bhagavathas,

Sorry for distracting the lofty discussion with a more earthly question. 
I am curious to collect details of recipes and menus associated with 
vaishnavite festivals. Though these are simple things, the customs in 
this respect have evolved over centuries and there are not only 
clear-cut recipes for various occasions but also the specific order in 
which these be served to the 'athithi'. I would be grateful if our 
erudite members could occasionally throw some light on these aspects as 
well. To kick -off the discussion, could Sri Mani or Sri Sadagopan 
elaborate on the mention of any specific dishes either in the 
divyaprabandham or in any of our main works.

Sri Seetharama Yateendrulu (a vaishnavite scholar who used to preach in 
Andhra PRadesh from Peda Muktheevi) had composed some songs on Krishna 
including one in which the bhakta describes how he/she  prepared the 
panchamritam with lot of effort so that Krishna can enjoy it.

P.B. Anand