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Life and rebirth

From: I.K. Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Jan 12 1997 - 06:56:31 PST

Dear venerable group members,
I am a new entrant to this forum and have been enlightened by the points 
of discussion that are thrown open by the stalwarts.
Looking at what brought us into this world ( past deeds ) and where we 
are destined to migrate ( present karma ) seem fruits of , may be, an 
accredited belief. I have had many occasions and reasons to ponder on 
the misfortunes that befall good people who indulge in god praising/ 
fearing path whereas that set of " not so pious " group get away with 
all of worldly successes.
I understand it is not the material wealth that can form the component 
of " fortune " or " success " but in most cases " what we are is how we 
are " or vice versa.
Is every event in our life a direct " result " of our poorva janma? 
Should it be like that ? Could that " reasoning " be accepted by our 
younger generation so as to perform for a future birth?
All of you, please excuse me for this ignorance.
I was born in Srirangam and raised there too.