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Sri Tatachar's Article
Date: Fri Jan 10 1997 - 13:20:52 PST

Dear Members of the Bhakti list,

Recently, the group has been filled with discussions about Jati and 
VarNashrama Dharma. As a result, an important contribution from 
Sriman Tatachar has gone unnoticed. I would like to record my 
sincere and heartfelt appreciation of his article on Salagramams and their 
identification. Sri Tatachar that was an excellent post.

Sriman Sadagopan rightly pointed out that it is the thoughts of the 
Divya Dampatis and their Anubhavam that unites Bhagavatas from different 
backgrounds. In keeping with this spirit I urge one and all to appreciate 
noble efforts such as the one by Sriman Tatachar just as quickly and freely 
as we vent our frustrations.

Namo Narayana,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy