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Sri MuraLi Rangaswamy

From: V. Sadagopan (75041.3037_at_CompuServe.COM)
Date: Thu Jan 09 1997 - 14:44:49 PST

Dear Bhakthi group members :

We  all come from different backgrounds , but are united
in our affection and respect for our AcharYas , AzhwArs 
and the Divya Dampathis. We may have different degrees of 
ardour or doubts about specific aspects of the Bhagavadh Vishayam 
that we discuss in this Cyber Space . These occasional 
disagreements or questions raised to clarify the subtle 
points on historical happenings should not lead to anyone's
feelings to be hurt. 

I know  about the depth of Commitment of Sri Murali Rangaswamy 
to Bhagavadh and Bhagavatha Kaimkaryam . He has  a lot to offer 
to this special group of devout people , who are on a journey of
understanding our sampradhAyams and our rich heritage . EVERY 
ONE  in this group is equally precious. Hnece , May I request 
Sri Rangaswami not to feel hurt and REQUEST him to abandon the idea of 
quitting. Same request is being made to all the other dear members, who may
be tempted to contemplate such action under similar circumstances .
Let us enjoy the multifacetted talent that is abundantly available to us 
through this sathsangam and disregard any occasional ups and downs .

I want to express my personal thanks to Srimans MaNI , Rengarajan, Rangaswamy ,
Sri Anbil ,Sri Sudharsan , Srimathi  Satyan , Sri Dileepan , Sri Jagan , Sri
Vijay Srinivasan 
(no particular order intended ) and EVERY MEMBER  of the Bhakthi group 
for their valued contributions to keep the dialog going in a spirit of learning 
from each other  and cherishing that sense of companionship,
while we discuss our Kula Dhanams with reverence and affection .  There is
indeed a lot that unites us and in one word it is the Ranganatha Divya MaNi
PaadhukhA .
May we offer our salutations to that Rangapura VihAran as his wedding
day to GodhA piratti approaches ( Bhogi day )  and seek His DayA and AnukampA  
during our Deha YaatrA on His earth in the company of his deotees .