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Varnasrama Dharma
Date: Tue Dec 17 1996 - 08:52:54 PST

In response to the recent criticisms of Sri Mani Varadarajan's 
statements, I have the following questions to ask and would dearly 
appreciate an answer based on logic.

Statement:  The Brahmins Chanting the Vedas stopped when they saw the 
"outwardly" sudra personage of the Alwar.  They were right since 
their Varnasrama Dharma and other caste restrictions asked for them 
to stop the chanting otherwise the Alwar would have his ears filled 
with molten lead etc.. People have quoted (or misquoted)  Vedanta Desikan
 Swami as being in line with this general philosophy.

Statement:  When Sri Ramanuja was given the secret of the Mahamantra 
by his Guru, he went to the town center and shouted out the secret to 
an assembled crowd of all and sundry.  Of course, he understood that 
he would probably go to hell - NOT FOR REPEATING THE MANTRA
but FOR DISOBEYING HIS GURU.  Now the Vedas are supposed to be the 
word of God or God experience, but the Mahamantra is the entire 
secret to liberation which would place it at least on par with if not 
greater than the passage that the Brahmins were chanting.  If he 
could disregard the restrictions, should we learn something from his 
actions or pass it off as a mere foible on his part ?

thank you