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Some More On thiruk kudanthai and Sri Chakrath azwaar

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Jan 09 1997 - 12:27:05 PST

My intention to is currently to contribute  some more
details  on the kshEthram thiruk kudanthai. Since  Lord
Aravamudhan  "obeyed"  to Thirumazhisai's  command,  HE
made  thirumazhisai  to be known  as  "piraan"  (amalan
aathi piraan - piraan means God or the Father of all or
causes  of all causes). Thus thirumazhisai is known  to
be  thiru mazhisai piraan from this moment. Lord Amudan
didnot  stop  there. Since srichakrath azwar  incarnate
thirumazhisai is piraan he made himself to be known  as
azhwar  ie  amuthaazwar  as HE helped  Sriman  Nadamuni
think in his thiru ULLam to revive the 4000 pasurams at
this  very  same  sannidhi in  kumbakonam.  Ever  since
Amudhan  was  the  "cause" and instrumental  in  making
Sriman   nadhamani  revive  4000  HE   is   called   as
amudhazwaar.  Thus  perumal became  azhwar  and  azhwar
became piraan.

In  kumbakonam, the local protocol is such that deities
from both the temples are given equal status and in all
the  festivities and are worshipped as  twin  brothers.
The  ursavar  of  amudan known as "Sri  chaarnga  pAni"
perumal  and ursavar of srichakraraja perumal known  as
"Sri chakra pAni" perumal.  Brahma once performed yagam
in  this  boomi  of kumbakonam. Since brahma  performed
yagam  and since he was instrumental in bringing  sense
and  remedy  to  Sooryan  in  the  very  same  city  of
kumbakonam, brahma has a temple for himself.  There  is
one  more  temple  in North india for  Lord  brahma  in
"pushkar"   and it is beleived that there is  no  other
temple  made  or  available  for  him  anywhere   else.
Kumbakonam  is a city of temples. There  are  12  major
temples  (everyone with atleast two huge praharams  and
more)  including  "mahamaham" temple (the  festival  of
mahamaham is simialr to kumbamela and is celebrated  in
this  tank  and temple once in 12 years on the  day  of
maasi magam.  The last one was in 1992 and the next one
will be in 2004).  The important and major srivaishnava
temples  are  Amudan Sri saarngapanai koil  (or  periya
koil)  one  can  see this raja gopuram  from  very  far
including  while  travelling in a  train  passing  this
city. Sri ChakrapAni koil and Sri Ramar kOil. SriChakra
pani koil and the kauveri karai adjacent to it are very
famous  and  it  is  known  as  chakra  padith  thurai.
Locallers  from kumbakonam used to wish and also  write
in   their  will  that  they  be  cremated  in   chakra
padithurai when they die. It is said that one  is  sure
of  not returning with this material body once they are
cremated there. i.e. the local belief is such that they
will    be    blessed   with   mOksham   provided    by
Srichakrathaazwaar who is just over the other  side  of
this  padith  thurai  across the  other  banks  of  the
kauveri  river  (over  looking).   Whether  they   were
eligible  in  their life time or not and  whether  they
qualified  themselves for moKsham or not in their  life
time  and  whether they didn't violate any dharmam  and
kept their granted status for moKsham valid or not. The
kumbakonam kauveri and srirangam kauevri (vishnu  maya)
are  the  only two places everyone are blessed  to  get
moksham  by  simple  kauveri  snAnam  thinking   either
amudhan or arangan as they dip in, during thula  maasam
as per thulaa kauveri puraanam.  There are also certain
protocols   followed  locally  in   worship   of   this
Srichakrathaazwaar. One will do a  pradakhshinam  in  a
circular  way  covering the velip  praharam  until  the
dvajasthamabam  and offer namskaram each  time  at  the
dvajasthambam  each time as each circuit is  completed.
Aravamudahn  HIMself is a twin of Arangan as  explained
to  vibeeshana azhwaar by Arangan HIMself when  HE  was
placed  at kauverik karai in srirangam.  This  will  be
covered   in   thiruk  kudanthai  thala   puraanam   on

On behalf of many friends i know I would like to make a
personal  request to Sriman Murali to continue  posting
his  athamaarththa anubavam in worship of Sri  Chakrath
azwaar.   Sriman  Murali  being  initiated   with   Sri
sudharsana    mantram   is   more    knowledgeble    in
SriCharthaaawaar vaibavam and his personal  experiences
and  insights will be a wonderful resource for  all  of
us.  His  recent  speech on Sri sudarsana  vaibavam  at
buffalo was excellent as he brought out many aspects of
azwaar  in his talk and sanctified the forum. I request
him   to  continue  his  services  on  behalf  of   all
Srivaishanavas of this forum. Since I didnot really get
any  feed back from him on this issue until now,  I  am
making this appeal in the forum and also marking a copy
of this to his personal mail account.

Sri  vijayavallith  thaayaar samEthara  Srichakra  pAni
perumaalthrivadikaLE charaNam

Sampath Rengarajan