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the origins of Kandadai

From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Thu Jan 09 1997 - 00:41:18 PST

I was very interested in Sri.Satyen's and Sagar's discussion on the origins
of Kandadai.

I wonder if he, or anyone else in the list, would have something to throw
light on my own antecedents of nativity.

My family name is Madabooshi or MadabUshi !!(some of you may have heard of
Sriman Madabushi Ananthasayanam Ayyangar, ex-Speaker of the Lok Sabha, a
doyen of erstwhile Indian politics and a Member of the Constituent Assembly).

I have heard it being variously referred to as an extinct village in both
Andhra Pradesh (somewhere near Narayana-vanam) as well as in Tamilnadu !! I
have never been blessed with a clear historical account of my "roots" and
even our family "elders" are not very convincing in their explanations.

But one apochryphal explanation, which is popular, however throws all
MadabUshi-s in a very poor light and I share it rather self-deprecatingly
with members here:

It seems a group of farming-people from Narayanavanam village went to
Tirupati. After the Lord's 'darshan' they happened to also attend a
'vidwat-sadas'. At the conclusion of the sada-s there was a feast and after
which everyone was given a bit of "chandanam" (sandalwood-paste)along with
the "dakshinai" (token-gift). Now this group of persons, being utter rustics
from Narayanavanam, were happy to receive the 'dakshinai' but did not know
what to do with the paste. They looked around embarrassedly for some kind of
a cue from others assembled !!

Not finding any they all decided the paste was meant to be eaten alongwith
the "tAmbUlum" (betel-leaves)!!

When they were about to do so, a revered member in the assembly stopped them
and reportedly told them all, "ada mAdugaLA !! UnnAdhIrgal!!
poosi-kOLUnGal!!" meaning "Stop, you oafs, smear it, don't eat it (the
paste) !!"

And from the word "mAdugaL" (oafs) and "poosi" (to smear) came the word
"madaboosi" which became "mAdabUshi" by which we all became known !!

Now, friends, I simply abhor the above story !!

But everytime someone pulls that one on me I am unable to counter it with
the real authentic historical explanation !!

Perhaps one of you like, Sri Satyen, will kindly help me with some original
research done in this regard ?!!