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Types of Saligramams
Date: Wed Jan 08 1997 - 22:25:28 PST

Dear Bhagavathas,

In continuation of  Sri Mohan's note on  Saligrama, here is some additional
info on Saligrama which  I found in a Kannada book (referenced below). Will
try to write more later.

Saligrama, a sacred Gandaki river stone is a special Avatara of Maha Vishnu.
It is always placed with Tulasi (signifying Lakshmi). In some parts of India,
Tulasi vivaham with Saligramam is conducted- sort of Kalyanotsavam for
Saligrmam and Tulasi. In a way we can compare Saligramam worship as the
Vaishnavites equivalent of worship of tiny Lingam by Veera Shivas.

Twenty five types of Saligrama are known. These are classified based on
 shap, size, color, openings (Dwaras), Chakras(natural carvings), lines  etc.
Some examples are as follows:

1. Lakshminarayana Saligrama: Light dark in color, one opening, four chakras
and one line.

2. Pradhyumna Saligrama: Small, one chakra on the top,  and with crooked

3. Aniruddah Saligrama: Round, light yellow to yellow color, smooth glass
like appearnace. Brongs peace and happiness to the owner.

4. Vasudeva Saligrama: Equivalent to worshipping Krishna himself. Round,
shiny, with one opening surrounded by two chakras. Brings to devotees their
heart's desires.

5. Sankarshana Saligrama: Two chakras facing each other. Narrow in the front
and wider at the back. For Brahmacharis, it brings knowledge.

6. Narasimha Saligrama: Worshipped with great devotion. Contains two chakras
and shape is varied. The devotee of this Saligrama becomes a sarva sanga
tyagi (renunciate) and a jitendria.

7. Lakshmi Narasimha Saligrama: Not a sugra as the Narasimha Saligrama. This
Saligrama is thus an embodiment of pleasantness.
This has a wide opening, has two chakra an also has a garland type of line.
This brings to the devotees peace and solace.

8. Hayagriva Saligrama: Horse faced with two chakras. Not so appealing in
appearance. Specially for gnanam (education).

9. Sudarshana Saligrama: Has a ordinary form with one Chakra.

10. Gadadhara Saligrama: Very ordinary with one chakra.

11. Madhusudana Saligrama: Dark cloud color and wheel shape. Has the sign
similar to foot print of a calf. Very Holy.

12. Lakshminarayana Saligrama: One opening with a garland like line. color of
dark clouds, four chakras. Very rare and special. Fulfils all desires of

13. Lakshmijanardhana Saligrama: Same as above (12) but without garland shape

14. Vamana Saligrama: Small in size, lighter shade of black color, two
chakras with no opening.

15. Sridhara Saligrama: Same as above(14) but with a garland like line.
Brings good luck and progress to the devotees. 

16. Raghunatha Saligrama: Two openings, four chakras and a sign similar to
foot print of a calf.

17. Damodara Saligrama: Huge, found commonly in temples. Has two chakras.

18. RaNa Rama Saligrama: Round, moderate size, with two chakras, baby feet
sign, bow and arrow signs.

19. Rajarajeshwara Saligrama:  Same shape as above (17), but with seven
chakras and the sign of an umbrella(Chatri). Brings Raja Yoga and Raja
Sanmanam to the devotees.

20. Anantha Saligrama: Pitch black with 14 chakras. Holiest of the
Saligramas. Very rare.

Reference: Saligrama Mattu Sri Tulasi (Saligrama and Tulasi), a Kannada book
by Vidvan Raghusuta, 1994 .  Srivaishnava Goshti, Sheshadripuram, Bangalore.
 Pub: Sri lakshmi Prasanna, Bangalore-54. Price Rs. 12.
(To be continued).


K. Sreekrishna (Tatachar)