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In praise of Chiranjeevi Hanuman

From: Raja Krishnasamy (
Date: Wed Jan 08 1997 - 19:22:26 PST

Hanuman. He is also uniquely blessed not only by many Devas and the 
Lord Himself, but by Sita pirattiyar herself. Overwhelmed by the impact 
of the good news that the presence and substance of what Sri Hanuman 
conveys to Pirattiar, it is She who blesses Anchaneya to be a 
Chiranjeevi, as she inspite of being the Princess of a Great country 
and the wife of a great King had nothing to give to him in the Asoka 
vana. In response to her queries he is supposed to have shown her his 
Viswaroopam! Indeed it is rare even in all of the stories and 
substories of Ramayana and Mahabharatha put together to come across 
someone with all of the noble qualities and characteristics exemplified 
in Sri Siriya Thiruvadi. Jai Hanuman.

Vaidehi V. Raja