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Re: Hanumath Jayanti - A homage

From: Varadarajan Govindarajan (
Date: Wed Jan 08 1997 - 17:39:37 PST

Dear Bhaagavathas and Bhaktas 

	I am extremely delighted to read such a
very well written and interesting article on
Siriya Tiruvadi by Sri. Anbil Ramaswamy.  It
really moved me. My sincere thanks to him and also
to Sri.  Sadagopan, Sri.  Muralidhar Rangaswamy,
Sri. Mohan, Sri.  Sudharshan (just to mention a
few names) and all others for their continued
posting of informative articles to this mailing

	I am also very happy to learn about the
satsangam recently held at Buffalo through the
various postings from different members in this
mailing list and also from my colleague Sri. 
Cadambi Sriram who had the good fortune of making
it to the meeting. Though, I have known a few
people on this list for a while via this mailing
list, I have not really had a chance to meet them
personally. Hopefully, I would be able to come to
the next meeting and have the good fortune of
meeting you all.