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vaishnavite agamas in temples
Date: Mon Dec 16 1996 - 03:22:41 PST

I am curious to know about the dichotomy of worship practices in 
major vaishnavite shrines in south india between the Pancharatra 
agamas espoused by ramanujacharya and the Vaikhanasa Agamas (author - 
sage Vikhanas).

I believe that Tiruvengadam follows Vaikhanasa Agamas - in fact one 
of the credits for review in a Divya Prabandham Audio Tape released 
by TTD refers to the Asthana Vaikhanasa Pandit for TTD.

I believe Puri also follows the Vaikhanasa Agamas since there is a 
story told about Ramanujacharya's attempts to convert the temple to 
Pancaratra worship.  The priests apparently prayed to the deity and 
Sri Ramanuja found himself quite far from the temple when he woke up 
in the morning stymying his efforts to effect the change.

It would be of interest to classify the 106 Divya Desams with respect 
1) The Agama Followed
2) The posture of the deity (sitting, standing etc.)
3) The direction faced by the deity (east, west, north, south)

mukund srinivasan