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From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Tue Jan 07 1997 - 18:17:34 PST

Mr. Candadai Ananth writes:

>    My name is Candadai Ananth, and I hail from Madras. Our native is
>    Kangeyanellore, a small hamlet in Vellore, South India. The name
>    "Candadai" is drawn from the name of a small village in southern
>    Andhra Pradesh (near Chitoor), I'm told, although the name is not
>    in existence anymore ! (I've always been intrigued by this name -
>    does it have any semblance to the Tamil word "Kandal Aadai", and
>    hence "Candadai" ?).

I welcome Mr. Ananth to the group.  If I am pronouncing your name correctly,
it can also be spelled in its more common way as Kandadai.  In Andhra, the
name has been changed slightly to Kandala. As this happens to be my wife's
maiden name, Mrs. Nagu Satyan told us a very interesting story about the
origin of this.  The following is a re-telling of what Nagu told us, with
additions based upon conversations with Sri Tridandi Ramanuja Jeear:

Emperumaanaar had two very close disciples, Daasarathi and Kurratalvan.
Kurrutalvan is quite well known for both being Sri Ramanuja's scribe and a
noted scholar in his own right.  But, Daasarathy was contented by simply
offering kainkarya to Ramanuja and the Lord.  

Daasarathi and his wife, it seems, were blessed with all of the joys that
come from being part of Sri Ramanuja's Community, but for one, a child.  So,
they approached this compassionate Acharya and seeked his mangalasasanas.
During their conversation, a devotee arrived with prasadam for Ramanuja from
Lord Ranganatha's Temple.  The pot of prasadam was covered with a torn piece
of cloth that was once part of the Lord's own clothing. Seeing this
cherished piece of cloth, Ramanuja immediately bestowed it upon the couple.
In due time, Daasarathy and his wife were blessed with a son, whom at birth,
was placed in the very same torn piece of cloth, "Kandadai," which had
served as a sign of the Lord's Benediction.  This boy soon became known as
Koil Kandadai Annan.  His descendants, who belong to the lineage of the 74
Simhasanadhipatis, now proudly proclaim Koil Kandadai, Kandadai, or Kandala
as their family name.  

Jeear Swami has told us that the Kandadai families have the renown of being
one of only three families that receive Acharya Sripada Teertham three
times, rather than twice.

It is interesting to note that Daasarathi is considered as being an Avathara
of the Lord Himself.   It seems that the Lord was so pleased with
Adiseshan's service to Him as Lakshmana that He wanted to serve him in
future Avatharas.  As a result, He bestowed the Avathara of Balarama to
Adiseshan; and, in Adiseshan's incarnation as Sri Ramanuja, became his
Daasan, Daasarathi.  

I request Nagu to make any necessary corrections to this story.

I would also be interested in hearing more from Mr. Ananth about the
connection to the town near Chittoor.

Daasanu Daasan,