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Re: Tirumazhisai Alvar

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (
Date: Tue Jan 07 1997 - 13:44:35 PST

With the posts on Mazhisai vandha sOthi I am reminded of a stroy I heard
long ago.

It seems the aazhvaar arrived at Kumbakonam periya kOvil after a long
journey.  Thirmancanam was just starting.  Azhvaar was quite tired and
hungry due to the long journey.  So, it seems, the aazhvaar thought to
himself, "O! Lord, I have come to see you from far; I am hungry, how long
do I have to wait?".  Immediately, the Lord instructed the Bhattar to stop
the aradhanai and serve prasadam to the Azhvaar.  To commemorate this, I
believe thaLigai is offered to the Azhvaar first, and then only to amudhan.
 I am not sure whether this is so or not.

Today being Thondaradippodi Azhvaar's thirunakshathram, I would like to
quote the last paasuram from Thirup paLLiyezhuchchi:

kadimalark kamalankaL malarnthana ivaiyO?
 kathiravan kanaikadal muLaiththanan ivanO?
thudiyidai yaarsuri kuzhalpizhin^ thuthaRith
 thukiluduth thERinar soozhpuna larangaa,
thodaiyoththa thuLavamum koodaiyum polinthu
 thOnRiya thOLthoNda radippodiyennum
adiyanai, aLiyanen RaruLiyun Nnadiyaark-
 kaatpaduth thaay!paLLi ezhuntharu LaayE!

After trying to wake the Lord up from His yoganidhra by singing 10
exquisite paasurams, in the last paasuram - at the very end, the aazhvaar
reveals the reason why he wants the Lord to wake up, i.e. "adiyanai, aLiyan
enRu aruLi un adiyaarku aatpaduththaay paLLi ezhuntharuLaayE"  (please wake
up and make me a servant of Your devotees).

Now, Sri Uththamoor swami was one of the "un-adiyaar" the aazhvaar was
singing about.  Contributing to this scholar's centenary celebrations is
indeed a rare opportunity to fulfill for ourselves what the Azhvaar was
pleading to the Lord.  An acknowledgement of the contributing individuals
will be sent to India in the next few days.  Therefore, if you are
interested in making a contribution, please let Sri Sadagopan know

-- Thanks,  Dileepan

-- Dileepan