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Saalagrammam Worship

From: Vijay Srinivasan (
Date: Tue Jan 07 1997 - 04:25:28 PST

Dear Prapatti Group Members

Mohan Sagar was referring to Saalagrammam worship.  Mohan please note that it 
is not Saaligrammam, instead  it is Saalagrammam.  It is said that : 
"SAlagramma shilayamsthu Nithyam Sannihitho Hari:"  Lord Hari is ever present 
in the Saalagrammam.  That's why we do not do Avahanam for Saalagrama Pooja 
(unlike in the Bhimbams).  However, even for Saalagramam one must perform the 
SAnnidhya Yachanam before commencing the Aradhanam. The worship of Lord Hari 
through the Saalagrammam appears to date from remote antiquity.  Adi Sankara 
extols this worship vide one of his famous works (I don't recall the exact name 
of the work).  It is also recommended that the numbers should be even (1 
excluded).  Therefore request your friend to get blessed with one more 
Saalagrammam to make it Four.  

Since we say "Devi Bhooshadhi Jhushto...",  Saalagrammam represents "Samastha 
Parivaara of Srimam Narayana".  Therefore Upacharam must be offered to all.  
Due to time constraints if you are not able to perform the Aradhanam daily, 
atleast offer some raisins and milk without fail.  Lord Hari will ever take 
care of such a devotee.  Thanks.

Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan