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From: Vasudha Narayanan (
Date: Fri Jan 03 1997 - 14:38:06 PST

Dear Friends: Today's bhakti digest was very interesting and satisfying.
I really enjoyed hearing about the Goda Pirattis in Andhra (Sri Mohan's
post) and reading Nagu Satyan's information on "Gaingaiyum Punithamana
Kaveri". I look forward to hearing more.
        It was wonderful to hear about the Buffalo meeting;it was delightful
just to read about the proceedings.  I am reminded about a story at the end
of Periyavacchan Pillai's Muvayirappadi commentary on the Tiruppavai.  When
questioned about what one should do, Parasara Bhattar said that one must
recite the Tiruppavai, if not, just the Chitranchiru kaalai verse, and if
one cannot do that, one can just remember the way they were-- that is
remember the happiness experienced during the celebration of the Tiruppavai
through the commentaries etc.  We are several steps removed from all of
that, but even listening to the activities in Buffalo is most gratifying.
On a similar note, I must say that when I read the post a few days back
about the experience of Vaikuntha ekadasi in Srirangam, I really wished I
could have been there, as I was a few years back. To be in Srirangam during
the Tiruvaymoli Tirunal, to see Namperumal and to hear the words of the
Tiruvaymoli during the days is a blessing that cannot be surpassed.
Thank you all for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us.
Best wishes, Vasudha