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Vishnu sahasra namam

From: Parthasarathy Ranganathan (
Date: Wed Jan 31 1996 - 07:23:31 PST

> The Vishnu Sahasra Namas (971-982) deal with the Yajna swaroopam of 
> Sriman Narayana.The Naamas and the meanings as intrepreted by Parasara 
> Bhattar and translated by Professor Srinivasaraghavan  are as follows:

Hi! All!
	I recite the Vishnu Sahasranamam -- namavali whenever I get time, i
have always wanted to know what the names meant -- Thanks to Mr. Sadagopan
for explaining the meanings for 10 of them, Can someone tell me if the
above book is available somewhere? (Or better! Can someone post the
meanings for the rest of the names in this maiing list? I am willing to
help in typing if needed.)

					-- partha

> 971:  Om Yajnaaya Nama: He is Himself the sacrifice (Japa-Yajna) for those 
> who wish to attain Him , But who do not have the wherewithall
>  to acquire the Dharma to worship Him.
> 972: Yajna Pathi: He gives the fruit of the sacrifice done to please Him.
> 973: Yajvaa-- He who performs the sacrifice for those , who are unable
> to do a Yajna.In the Vaishnava Dharma in the Aswamedha parva , Lord 
> Krishna says: " o Yudishtra, for the purification of those ( who are unable 
> to observe the daily rites ), I am myself doing the Yajna at both dawn and dusk 
> every day. I never  fail in carrying out this vow of Mine."
> 974: Yajnaangah: He who has the sacrifices of others as an accessory to
>  what He is doing.
> 975: Yajna-Vahana : He helps those ,who perform the sacrifices by investing
> them with the necessary power , faith and equipment to perform them.
> 976: Yajna Bhrt : He, who brings about the completion of the sacrifice.
> 977: Yajna krit: He,who created the sacrifice.
> 978: Yajnee: He for whose sake the sacrifices are done.
> 979: Yajna bhuk: The enjoyer or the protector of the sacrifice.
> 980: Yajna saadhana: He who is an accessory to the sacrifice.
> 981 : Yajnaanta krt : He who produces the fruits of the sacrifice.
> 982: Yajna guhyam: He, who is the secret of the sacrifice.

					-- partha
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