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A follow up discussion on "Sri" and thiru aathanoor

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Jan 31 1996 - 06:03:47 PST

 In continaution of the two articles "Shivaa - Brahmaa Head count reduction"
"Poistion of Sri", I wanted to make an observation (that I already made in a
follow-up discussion with another netter through personal mail and am rewriting
the same, respecting the general suggestion made by Mr. Jagan naath for making
such question answers to be available to others also) and also add a note from
one of the 108 DD. Is It also possible that it was Lord's desire that such a
random reference to shiva - brahmaa episode was made by the questioner when he
(Mr. Vidya Sankar) had asked for the position of "Sri" , such that the position
is implied in this "episode" as well ? The Position of Sri as a mediatrix is
also evident from the fact that Lord Shiva has to seek "Sri's" mercy and her
offering of bikshai in Bikshaandaar koil or Uththamar kOil prior to seeking the
final refuge or relief from Lord Vishnu in Thiruk kandiyoor. The following is
the compelling evidence that Lord Shiva had no other go than to seek the relief
from the ultimate couple and in the order that Srivaishnavam follows (ie Sri as
mediatrix). It was observed that Lord Shiva not only wandered around the
universe to get rid of the "kapaalam" that was struck in his palm and the
brahma hathi thOsham, he had also asked "Agni" (who is the media for the Homam
and the source for "purification", and also known as "agnirvai sarva thEvaa",
due to Agni's unique position as a substitute for all the Devaas) to burn away
this kapaalam. In attempting to do so it was stated that the holiest "Agni" not
only failed to do so but also got the "Brahma hathi thOsham" for going hands
along with Shiva (who was having brahma hathi dOsham at that time) in his
attempts. Finally "Agni" was asked to do penance and pray the Lord at "Thiru
aathanoor" (also one of the 108 DD) and get the dOsham removed.

 Besides Agni, kaamadEnu also sought Lord's blessings in this shekthram (Thiru
aathanoor). It is beleived that there are "two pillars" known as "MaNath
thooNgaL" in parama patham. It is a customary that who gets to go to "parama
patham" hugs and embraces these pillars before becoming "nitya sooris". There
are two such pillars in boo lOgam, only in two of the 108 DD's ie .. Sri
rangam and this temple in thiru aathanoor.

 This and other narrations on this temple is observed from the following note
on this temple

aathi rangEchwaram vanthE paadali vana samasthitham
Brigu, agni, kaamathEnubyaa thaththaapeetham thayaanthiram vimaanE
praNava ranga naayaakyaa soosu
maasaritham soorya pushkarni thirE seShasyO pari saayinam

 Though this temple is compared on par with Srirangam on some aspects, the
original dual and second only is thiruk kudanthai (due to its vimaanam).
Thirukkudanthai is also included in the club of the five holy rangams
popularly known as "Pancha ranga shekthram".

The 5 arangams popularly known as "Pancha Rangams" are

1. Aathi Rangam                             - Sri Rangap pattinam
2. Appaala Rangam                        - Thirup pEr nagar
3. Madhya Rangam                        - Sri rangam
4. Sathurth tharangam                  - (Kumabakonam) thiruk kudanthai
5. anthima (or pancha) rangam   - Thiru inthaloor (maayavaram)

It is also noted that the order of the all these shekthrams are arranged in
of the flow of  (downstream line ) "kauveri" from moolam to sangamam, which
with sea in maayavaram.

Sri Boomi DEvi Sri Oppiliappan thriuvadikaLE saraNam

Sampath Rengi