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Date: Tue Jan 30 1996 - 16:49:04 PST

Subj:	Re: HOMAM
Date:	96-01-29 09:15:45 EST

NamaschakrAya Vidhmahe Sahasra JwAlaya Dheemahe
Thanno Sudarshana PrachodayAt.

Dear Kanaka,

The Sudarshana Homamam is a subject of great interest to me. Therefore, I am 
compelled to write about it. The following are some of the reasons for 
performing the Sudarshana Homam. 

The Sudarshana Chakram is the mighty weapon 
of Lord Narayana and has many auspicious attributes associated with it. 
Most importantly, it has the attribute of "Pida Pradanam" which gives 
immediate relief from pain and sufferering to the seeker/performer. 

The Sudarshana Chakram also has the attribute of "Papa Nashanam", i.e., the 
destruction of sins. This is the first step to be adopted in 
the realization of God (Lord Narayana).  

Swami Desikan most eloquently summarizes the characteristics of the 
mighty Chakram in both the Sudarshana Ashtakam as well as the Shodasayudha 

The Chakram pervades both space and time as gleaned from Swami Desikan's 
Shodasayudha Stotram (Kala Chakram Jagat Chakram Cha). Also the the 
Sudarshana Chakram is the abode of the Vyuha Murthis 
Sankarshana and Para Vasudeva (forms of Narayana in 
Vyuha) as seen from Swami Desikan's Sudarshana Ashtakam (Nija Para Vyuha 
Vaibhava). The Sudarshana is the mighty jwala at the center of the Kalanala 
and has the radiance of a 1000 suryas as can be seen from the Stotram of 
Ambarisha (Sahasraditya Sankasham Sahasra Vadanam Param 
Sahasradoh Sahasraram Prapadyeham Sudarshanam). Thus, this is dispeller of 
all forms of darkness (ignorance, evil). Also, the mighty Jwala is the 
aspect of Jwala Nrisimhar who destroyed Hiranyakashipu and therefore, is 
resident in the Sudarshana Yantram. Thus, offering prayers to Sudarshana 
Chakram is equivalent to offering prayers to the entire Dashavataram. 
Great scholars seek the support of the Chakram before engaging in debates
as can be seen from Swami Desikan's Sudarshana Astakam (Pratita Vidwat 
Sapakshita). In the Ahirbudhnya Samhita, Ahirbudhyan (Shiva) desires to see
the glorious form of Sudarshana Chakram which is again referenced in 
Swami Desikan's Sudarshana Ashtakam (Bhajata Ahirbudhnya Lakshita). 

The Sudarshana Chakram grants Moksham to anyone who surrenders to it as 
well as anyone who is killed by it (examples: Shishupala, the crocodile who
held Gajendra in his clutches, Narakasura who were all liberated on account
being killed by the Chakram). Ambarisha is an example of one who surrendered 
to the Chakram and was thus constantly protected by the Chakram. At 
his request, the Chakram desisted its pursuit of Durvasa Maharishi. 
Great scholars have not been able to understand the full extent or power 
of the Sudarshana Chakram (as seen from Swami Desikan's Sudarshana Ashtakam
Parijanatrana Pandita). 

The Sudarshana Chakram has healing characteristics. Therefore performance of
the Sudarshana Homam gives relief froma afflictions of fever and 
even possession by the mighty Brahma Rakshasa. A legend has it that 
Swami Desikan composed the Sudarshana Astakam to help the people of a 
village stricken by the plague epidemic. As soon as Swami Desikan 
finished his composition, the epidemic was over. 

In conclusion, the performance of the Sudarshana Homam grants the performer
health, wealth and prosperity. If the performer seeks spiritual benefits,
while performing the Homam, he gets it. If the person seeks material benefit,
he is blessed with all riches upon conclusion of the Homam. You may find the 
related articles by Sri Sadagopan (on the Sudarshana Narasimha iconography 
as well as his translation of the Sudarshana Ashtakam) very useful. I have 
gained a lot of information in this post from his articles. 

Om KlEm KrishnAya GovindAya Gopijana Vallabhaya
ParAya Parama PurushAya ParamAtmane
Para Karma Mantra Yantra Tantra Oushada Astra ShastrAni Samhara Samhara
MrutyOr MOchaya MOchaya
Om Namo Bhagavate Maha SudarshanAya DEpthrae
JwAla ParivruthAya Sarva Dikshobhana KarAya 
Hum Phat Brahmane Paranjyotishe SwahAa

Please forward this post to the Bhakti Prapatti group since this may be 
of interest to several readers.

Best Wishes,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy

Mr Rangaswamy, I copied your letter in the microsoft word so that I can
 distribute it to my guests at the homam and so I happened to have it . I am
sending this to you.Again thank you very much.   kanaka