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Re: Muslim invasions and other m
Date: Tue Jan 30 1996 - 17:37:10 PST

What I wrote was intended to convey the same thing that Shri Dileepan
wrote "while disagreeing with me".  The Geeta condemns a person who
does not surrender to Sri Krishna in pretty strong language, but
leaves the door open for that individual to surrender, in one second
if he or she were to choose to do so.  At that point the erstwhile
condemned individual becomes a saint.  All muktas now enjoying Sri
Vaikuntha were at one time criminals.  It is only the Nitya Suris
that never disobeyed Narayana.  The superiority of a Prapanna is
temporary and is to be used merely as a guide to seeking association.
 It is not for us to condemn someone who is not surrendered - we may
not even be able to tell the difference.  This has been the greatest
setback in the spiritual progress of many a mumukshu.