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From: krish (
Date: Mon Jan 29 1996 - 06:22:01 PST

The Hindu rules and practice of marriage are
well described in a book I came across at
Barnes and Noble: "The sexual history of ancient
India" by J.J.meyer. The title does not 
connotate the modern meaning of sex. It is a
work by a German professor ( first published )
in 1930 and now reprinted )who derives all the
available data on marriage from the Ramayana
(Bombay edition) and Mahabharata (Kumbakonam
and bombay versions ). I browsed thru it ($9.95)
at the local Barnes & Noble, bargin book section.
It may provide the answers to the questions
we have been discussing. Refernces to the
source are quoted thruout the book. which
might have been a thesis topic dicsussing
rules of marriage in these Puranas.
Krishna Praba.