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From: krish (
Date: Mon Jan 29 1996 - 05:33:58 PST

I was impressed to find out that Sufism follows
the way of bhakti or total surrender. I t also
requires an "Acharya" to reveal the path of 
devotion. Many of the great Sufi poets composing
hymns of devotion and surrender, arose from the
8th to 12th centuries, contemporaries of the
Alwar period. Many of us must be familiar
with Indian Sufis. Dara Shoko( Aurangazeeb.s
brother) and Kabir. Dara translated the Upanishads
to persian thus introducing them to the Western
scholars by early 19th century.
Some of the Sufi poems reflect the same theme
as our paasurams.
Krishna Praba