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Srivaishnava Satsang
Date: Sun Jan 28 1996 - 22:51:18 PST

I have not heard any discussion on the original proposal for
Srivaishnavas to meet either in Buffalo or Pittsburgh for Ramanujar
Thirunakshatram.  If that proposal is no longer in active
consideration are members of this group willing to consider Pomona
New York (about 1 hour's drive from NYC)?  There is a Ranganatha
Temple along with a big Utsava Vigraha of Ramanujacharya.  They will
be celebrating His Thirunakshatram the whole day with deity worship,
chanting of His works, and offering neivedyam to Andal in 100 silver

Out of town visitors could be accommodated at the temple for a small
fee as long as visitors bring their pillow and sleeping bags.
Prasadam (lunch and dinner) will be provided in the temple.  Any

Also is any one within a few hours driving distance from the
Washington DC area interested in holding a Satsang?  I can arrange
Thiruvaradhai and a discussion on Narayana.  It can be any occasion
as long as it is a weekend.